Monday, September 26, 2016

Getaway to my second home- Singapore ~*

After the last trip to Guangzhou, it has been few months that I never in touch with my luggage bags due to work and the hectic schedule of my events. I love to travel. Travel helps to open up my eyes to have a wider view of every single thing. A short getaway to the neighbour countries always make me feel contented especially when you realize how tiny we are and how weak is our connection with the world.

Singapore is just like my second home. Putting aside the excuse of #siblinglove, I sincerely appreciate the promotion offering by AirAsia. Teleporting ourselves from one country to the next country in less than an hour time with just MYR 57 is incredible! Thanks to the 'Everyone can fly' , definitely part of the reason to make my life complete!


Touched down after 45 min! ;)

I realized that SG Uber offering share fare service. I chose the share fare option at first but I was then got rejected. Then, I chose the usual Uber service, which is just another extra 1 dollar. Accepted. Welcome to the realistic world. :)

We checked in Balestier Rd Hotel. A very strategic location for us to get good food and travel around the city with all the public transports.

Whampoa Keng Fishhead Steamboat, Balestier Rd.

One of the well known steamboat is just a stone throw away across the rd. It is actually a stall inside a wet market which the locals get their fresh ingredients in the morning and this is the only stall opening during night time. *I literally ignore the other steamboat stall which is just few stalls away.. no customer at all...*


Choose your desired type of fish and then just find your table and wait for your order to be served. The whole wet market was fully seated that night and as I mentioned earlier , no customer for the other stall.. so 100% of the seated customer are waiting for their orders from this stalls. It took us a good 30 minutes to have our food served.


the other side of the market also fully seated...


30 minutes is a very unexpected waiting time after looking at the waiting list. Initially, I thought that we might need to just take an hour away to walk around first.

They have some side dishes too. You may have some appetizer and sides first while waiting.


Salty vege. Excuse me for the naming as I do not know what is the exact name for this XD. Anyone please acknowledge?


This Tofu is a must! I love them so much. MUST TRY.




We chose Big Head Carp (松鱼) for our steamboat. I like the soup. Good taste.



I got to know from my friend later that Whampoa Keng Fishhead steamboat has another branch near to Orchard Rd as well and it is operating by the owner's second wife. According to him, the Orchard Rd branch is better compared to this one that we went. Will definitely try it next time, wait for my review. ;)


Went to the bank to settled my stuff at Raffles Place. This is where I always have my breakfast whenever I am in SG. There are a  number of good restaurants here but I always head to Cedele to get good salads.

Then, I just follow the little one around the malls for his shopping spree.

Some cute stuff in Chocolate, 313 Somerset @ Orchard.


I always wanted to stay in SG. One of the reason is the spending power here is so much better. Things are way more cheaper. I should really sit down and plan well for my future now.


Injeolmi bingsu ($12.90) @ Nunsaram Korean Dessert Café, Orchard Gateway.

My all time favourite shaved ice dessert. I love all the flavours especially greentea, cheesecake, and blueberry flavor.

Continue shopping.


Sneaker, sneakers and that's why we call them SneakerHead. Never skip any of the sneaker section. I may not or will never understand the bond between the sneakers and their lovers XD.



Any designer interested to collaborate and start our own branding? ;) ;)

That night, another good restaurant discovered.

Good Chance Popiah @ New World Centre, Jalan Besar.


Good Chance Popiah is founded by Mr. Hou Shen Hu in 1977. Since then, it established a reputable brand for itself which is highly recommended by both local and overseas patrons. Mr. Hou was born in Long Xi, Fu Jian Province. His culinary skill was passed down from his parent, a tradition in the family. After his retirement, second generation Mr Boon Kaichun (also known as Ah Boy) began running Good Chance Popiah Eating House. Their main branch is in Silat Ave and this is branch is recently opened.



I love to eat food that need to be manually prepare so that I can choose more preferred ingredients to be included xD. I admit I am super greedy one when comes to food ;)


We ordered lobak and broccoli as well. GOOD! will be back again!




After the dinner, we went to Garden by The Bay. I was told that there are 2 divisions. One is with the dorm and the other is not. We went to the one without the dorm to have a walk.


Good place for joggers and cyclist. Some tourists camp along the river with their cams too!

What a nice view! I WANT TO MOVE TO SG!


Morning breakfast again!

Wild Honey @ Mandarine Gallery.


This is a place where breakfast lover should not missed.

My very first time trying their breakfast and I must say that Cedele is no longer my only must go breakfast place anymore!

WH served all day breakfast from different countries. We chose the signature English breakfast and Norwegian breakfast.


The woman sitting on the left and right of us kept looking at me when I was taking photos with my ph. First , what is wrong with taking photos. The only reason that I could think of was that these people are so afraid of their private life or faces go online. Second, may be the in house no-photography rule. However, I didn't aware of any of the no photo sign and I wasn't stop by any of the waiter too. It just make me feel so uncomfortable whenever my phone is up for photo and the eyes are all over me... -.- and I have to pretend that my peripheral vision is malfunction at the moment. Gosh.. I  dislike that feeling.


English Breakfast.

Look at the combination and especially the portion! Exactly how I used to describe my dream breakfast. The sausage appeared to be the highlight among all. Juicy and chewy!



That lady on my left was actually staring at my selfie at that moment. Excuse me for cutting her face out. First, to protect her PRIVACY LIFE. Second, no photobomb pls.


Norwegian Breakfast.

Another starred breakfast choice from the menu.



Need no word to describe how good it is by just looking at this picture.

After filling up my stomach with all the great food, good bye SG till i see you again :)


Signed off~

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