Sunday, April 28, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 ~*


Samsung is launching Galaxy S4 globally, with plan to sell it in over 50 countries by the end of this month. For a smartphone, this sort of big-scale launch is rare. 

Stepping into the Low Yat mall makes me feel like i am stepping into somekind of international concert where all the people there were like the sardins in the can... packed!

I hardly wave my hand to those familiar faces... because i might just slap someone in the face accidentally .. =x


The first thing that I noticed with Galaxy S4 when I picked it up was how light it felt!

Despite its big size (it has a five-inch screen) it is surprisingly light. While in terms of looks it is similar to Galaxy S3, it feels different in the hand...

It has edges that are more squared off compared to the rounded ones on its predecessor. I feel that Galaxy S3 has a more natural fit in the hand. But the reduced width and thickness (it is very slim) of Galaxy S4 means it is not at all awkward to hold... ;)


For those who had been waiting and waiting... and waiting...

Here i annouce the price of the new born Samsung Galaxy S4 !

It's selling at RM 2199 in Malaysia ;)


Unique to GALAXY S4 users, the Group Play function allows people to enjoy music, photos, documents and games without even requiring a Wi-Fi or cellular signal, increasing the ease of sharing moments with those around them.

Similarly, the Share Music feature on Group Play allows a group of people to have the same song playing on multiple GALAXY S4 phones in sync to create the best party atmosphere.

Guess this is the best feature for me as i am a super big fans of house party and now on i can forget my big bulky sound system!!


Talking about effortless features, i would say GS4 had came up with a super feature which can tracks eye movement to pause a video when the user looks away before resuming once their attention returns to the screen!

It's called ‘Samsung Smart Scroll’!


It can easily tracks eyesight movement to scroll up and down webpages by tilting the device, allowing for effortless browsing and navigation.


Previously only available through the S Pen, the Air View now allows users to hover with their fingers to preview the content of an email, S Planner, image gallery or video without having to open it, redefining the interaction experience with the device.

Now, with Air Gesture, users can change the music track, scroll up and down a web page, or even accept a call simply with just a wave of the hand, creating a new touchless experience with the GS4!COOL!


OHHH YOU!!! Don't deny that you had been playing with your phone while driving ...

I am just like you too.. i like to check out the updates on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and i even like to chat with my family and friends when i am stucked in the not-so-bad traffic... which is like risking your car, your pockets money and also your life!!

I admitted that my car lost its first kiss just because of me and my phone =x...

So, GS4 catching my heart with one of its top feature which is the S VoiceTM Drive, people can activate commands via voice control for optimization when driving.

Once connected with a car Bluetooth, the phone automatically turns into driving mode converting text to speech so users can easily and safely check messages without looking at the screen.


Here are just the 4 out of the many great features that GS4 provided, why don't you head on to the nearest Samsung outlet and start trying out and find out what suits you the most? =)


You may also check them out from Samsung Mobile Malaysia page!

Cheers! *Luv*

Shine Bright Like A Diamond~*


These days are all about Gwiyomi... xD

Personally, i don't really like Gwiyomi moves.. but somehow there're some poses which are quite adorable...

and guess that's the only reason which stop me from being an anti-Gwiyomi XD...


It was our lovely Irene's birthday party , i went to MV and look for necklace for her before heading to the K-City Karaoke in 1 Shamelin =D


It was also a themed birthday party -'Shine Bright Like A Diamond'

and here we have our precious diamond of the nigth- Mrs. South East Asia , Irene Wong!! *luv*



with the gorgeous ladies !!



The group shot of the ladies *LUV*


Meeting up the friends!!

It has been some time since i last met them...

Always missed out those events and activites due to my packed work and study schedules...




I am not sure if anyone of you notice the little brownie cap that i am wearing...

It is my new luv ! *-*

How do you find it on me?

Well at least it did helps alot in covering my frizzy baby hair XD..

480082_10151559352517528_ 1174748731_n_ 美化000_美容000

Cheers ! <3 p="">

Monday, April 22, 2013


I have an addiction to my current Galaxy Note II...

until the new born of the pink Galaxy Note II , i have the urge to change mine...

and now Samsung is going to launch their Galaxy S4 !!

Last week, i passed by the Plazza in Curve, there i saw the crowd at the middle of the central point ...

With the curiousity, i hopped by and saw a team of musicians playing around with their violins and

 doing they accapella there, and they are wearing the Samsung Galaxy S4 top!

Such an unique way to welcome the new S4 !!



Seriously, they made me feel even more inquisitive on  the new born baby!!

I heard that this new Galaxy S4 equipped with a lot of new supprises which could  make our life easier?

How true is that?? Check them out !!!