Monday, March 31, 2014

JW Black Circuit~*


This was where i met Mika Hakkinen for the first time !


A JW bracelet for each of everyone at the entrance.

I thought that this was a pretty cool idea of embedded the LED in the bracelet. At least, you got spotted when you got drunk and passed out on the floor.


Black Lounge .


Never left out the bottles!


The first group shot using the newly bought Samsung Galxy Note 3!


 Once you set your goal, keep walking, it might just a stone throw away, anytime.



 Excuse the not-so-natural smile ..XD I noticed that i had been smiling with closing lips for quite some time...



 Once again, thanks to JW and Manoah for the precious invite! *hearts*

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Keep Walking~*

I used to be living in a 'safety box' , everything prepared and i am well protected since i was born. There's an invisible timetable in my childhood, i had everything well arranged, time for school,time for meals, time for bath, time for tuitions, time for art class,time for organ class, time for movie, time for entertainment,time for travel, etc.

Some might think that i have a perfect life, some might be thinking that how i had been coping up with lifestyle like this. 

I don't have much childhood memories. Now, i am sitting here typing and i am actually having this big question mark on my mind: How did i survive my childhood without TV,without internet,but only books.meal.bath and repeating. I supposed this was how i used to be one of the high score student in school.

I had been living in the box for 17 years and i have always been thinking that how wonderful my life will be when i grown up. All kinds of lifestyle picturing on my mind when i was lying on bed , before sleep. Day by day, i keep walking...

I am walking towards the lifestyle i had been long waiting for .I  know that i can make it someday. I might slowed down in between but i swear, i never stop walking and i know that i am reaching very soon...

If i was exposed to the wider social media earlier during my childhood time, i would say Johnny Walker inspired me a lot!

I am seeing myself in his significant logo.

"Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it." - Charles Swindoll

 I am still walking right now.

But what makes different from now and the past is that i am walking with confident and i am enjoying my walk and probably i am thinking to slow down my foot steps, so that i can have a longer time to enjoy every single moment, perhaps just a step slower? ;)

I walked through where i had been thinking to and i am pretty happy that i am reaching each on time.

I am now living with a pair of  invisible wings and the invisible 'safety box' had left me for good years back.

I stepped into the uni world , enjoyed my sweet time with people all around the world.

I dropped by to the pageant world , enjoyed my lovely moments with beauties around the world.

I laid foot prints on different work fields , learnt and absorbed things from each of them.

I am walking on a wonderful blogsphere , and this is where and how i experienced different lifestyle.

I am walking towards different countries, to see how beautiful this world created by god.

I am living in a good life, and i know that everyone deserve to be having a good life. A meaningful life where you can see love around. No one guarantee you a good life, unless you willing to reach out for one and never give up!

This is pretty much a brief on my journey, tell me yours! How did you manage to go through  hard time and what life had been treating you?  Share your story at Johnny Walker's FB Page  ,you might win yourself a Gold Lounge pass to the most exclusive party which is happening on this Saturday!


Win the pass HERE !

See you there!


May God Bless MH370 !

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Johnie Walker Food and Whisky pairing demonstration by Chef Nigel Richter~*

I had a date with Johnnie Walker last week. This time, not just the JW , but a special food and whisky pairing demonstration by Chef Nigel Richter.

Food and whisky pairing never gets into boredom especially when it comes to the fine dining. Of course, a relaxing environment is always a credit !

Let's have a brief on the JW sseries.


JW Gold Label Reserve The tasting note is definitely an indulgent, luxurious and multi-layered blend. Its smooth balance of sweet fruits and creaminessevolves into deeper honeyed tones before finishing in ligering waves of wood,fruits and light,sweet Westcoast smoke. It is best enjoyed in a tall glass with crushed ice and a slice of orange . A must in celebration!

JW Black Label is a classic masterpiece of depth and complexity. On the nose, there are intense aromas of spice and hints of fruiness. Each sip revealing layers of bold flavour. It is crisp and light, with flavours of rich vanilla from the grain qhiskies,fresh fruits from the Speyside MAlts and rich,dried fruit drom the oak sherry casks. Its smoky finish is a sophiscated as the JW Black Label blend is unique. Enjoy it on the rocks,with a dash of still or sparkling water,with ginger ale as a long drink. Flavourite in all occasions!

JW Double Black is full bodied and complex with the signature JW peat smoke shining brightly through rich raisins and sultanas. Apples,pears and orange zest brings freshness while creamy vanilla and spice bring a softness and sweetness to the tongue. The long warming finish combines spicy oak tannins and lingering smoke. It is best taken with water as this is the perfect way to release its smoky flavours. Good companion when you want to impress!


Back to the demonstration session, Chef Nigel Richter came up with his three pairings. Tiger Prawn Tempura and Dungeness Crab Maki ,  first dish of the day!

A10 Umami rich foods, seaweeds, sesame seend, sake, and soy sauce added for better taste .

 Paired with JW Black Label.


Secondly, Spiced Oxtail Cappucino.

Chef's flavour for this is to add on some braised meat, shitake mushrooms, cinnamon, cloves, roasted Fenugreek seeds and not to forget , pair it with the JW Gold Label Reserve!


 Lastly , the dessert of the day, Smoked Cheese Cake.


Fresh with berries and  the white chocolate malt crunch, Chef Nigel added some hazelnut,malt,butter,brown sugar,honey,smoke and vanilla to spice up the decadent dessert for us. My choice of the day! I am just in love with the pairing! JW Double Black pairs well  and making it the ideal counterpart to a luscious smoked cheese cake!

I enjoyed my date with JW and of course someone is gonna be amaze by the pairing skills that i've learnt! ;)


Johnny Walker 

Cheers! ;)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The short hair journey started officially!!!~*

Day 1 !!

 I am deeply falling in love with my short hair now!!! From walking into the saloon and just randomly asked someone who experienced cutting short hair until seeing the long hair falling down to the floor... no tears at all.. instead the big crazy smile just hanging there till the last cut XD!


 Weather right now is super hot!! Like seriously can just get burn once you walk out from the shades ! *hyperbola xD* My skin tone is moving to the darker tone day by day... Thanks to the UCSI car park =.=... i have been walking up and down the hil under the sun for quite some timeeeee .... T_T .......

Ok leave the skin tone alone now... i am cracking head on what to use for whitening!!!! Suggestion plsssss *-* !!!!

Throwback to yesterday 1920's Birthday themed party !

A big big thanks to the birthday girl Mandy for the precious invite.  Owh... how long since my last dress up.... hmmmm....

Here's how we look like after a war with our own wardrobes... DANG LANG !!!! =D

Do we look like the 20's ???? or maybe the modern 20's ???? XD

We had some sweet time  last night ! At least gals meet up after months  =) ...

Again, Happy Birthday to you , Mandy!