Thursday, December 29, 2016

Travel around the world


Live life and part of it is to see the world!

Next destination, Indonesia ! 

 I am going to greet the world and wish you all a great year ahead in Bali soon!!

Stay tuned for my vlog!Cheers!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Daniel Wellington Watch


"If there's a dream watch out there, it's going to be the Daniel Wellington watch." Santa must have been very busy to collect wishes like that for the Christmas! I am a die hard fans for watches and i will never let go any opportunity to get the watches i like. Daniel Wellington got a timeless look which i have been looking for my daily accessories. It doesn't matter if it's overrated or underrated, I WANT ONE!!!


I got myself the Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow (Rose Gold). I like it so much as i am very much into watches especially those with rose gold pleated and Daniel Wellington's appeal is unlike any other watch online that you can find. It is super trendy and perfect for any flatlay or outfit of the day. I got to admit that it's absolutely versatile and always add credit to my lazy one piece day!


Depending on your own style preference and personality, you'll have a great time creating outfits with the Daniel Wellington watch. Another highlight on Daniel Wellington watch is that it's got interchangeable straps ! Just pick any strap for a different day or occasion and you're set to go!


For formal events, you may want something leathery for an elegant look and feel, here is when you should take a look at their classic leather strap which also comes in various shades as well as textures. No more boring flat black or dark brown! How about a Crocodile texture for an elevated style ?


Their sort of unique wrist straps are called the NATO straps which made Daniel Wellington go popular in the first place. NATO straps were originally worn by The British Navy way back in the 70s and has now become the MUST have trend!


In line with minimal aesthetics, NATO strap becomes famous and everyone loves it especially with the classy watch dial combination. Now this is one great piece to make you standout when you're dressed casually !


Talking about my next wanted watch, i am aiming for this cool, dark and mysterious Classic Black Daniel Wellington. This is definitely another glam piece i need for my formal events! It is available in rose gold or silver accents. I think i have lost count on my rose gold watches. I AM A DIE HARD FANS for rose gold ! Now, I WANT THIS!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Travel to The Europe ( Part II: Bristol )


Ended another long haul flight.

Stepped out the plane, i shivered.

O.M.G.. i am not joking that i overestimated myself. My extra fats didn't perform well and I WAS FREAKING COLD !!!!! ....

Welcome to Heathrow Airport!!! WOOO~~~HOOO~~~~



The airport is huge.

We walked quite a distance for luggage collection. Next, we proceed to Bristol by coach.

The best way to get to Bristol from Heathrow Airport will be by coach. The coach service under National Express between Heathrow Airport and Bristol runs 11 times /day with the first Bus starting at 00:30 and the last bus is at 23:15.


To avoid hassle, it is always better if you can BOOK here in advance and travel at off-peak times after 09:00. A return fare cost from 40.80 GBP.  Bristol is 105 miles (169.05Km) from Heathrow Airport and the journey time on the Bus will take about 2hr 30min.


 I had a soundly nap during the trip;)

Reached Bristol !


Look at the dog,  such a KEAT *strong in Hokkien* and fat dog. Well, the pets really do need more fats for winter and honestly, it was FREAKING COLD !!!!

I finger crossed hoping my Battery Boy need not to travel during winter , i really can't imagine how big he can get and how am i going to drag him out with his extraordinary weight .

HERE.. please allow me to share you a photo of my cute fatty Boy.


Let's just forget about how Battery Boy will look like if he happen to be in winter country.



FINALLY!!!!! I think the human beings around me at that moment must be really amazed with my extreme excitement towards this Royal Mail cast iron pillar box! I was just so getting used to see it in much smaller size.

DAY 1 in Bristol


Time difference between Malaysia and UK is:-8:0 hours. Malaysia is 8:0 hours ahead of UK. That means when it is 8:00 am in London UK, it is 4:00 pm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Woke up in the morning, the skies was gloomy.

But, i wasn't, at all.


Thanks to UNIQLO .This Light Weight Down Hooded Coat could probably the most functional coat i ever brought over for that trip! It is so soft and light in weight and it is so easy to be pack into the luggage without taking much space. 

If you are traveling now during the winter season, GET IT  HERE.

I got my very first proper Italian breakfast at Rosemarino.

1 York Place Clifton, Bristol BS8 1AH 
01179 736 677 


Rosemarino has been awarded as Best Italian Breakfast for years.




Egg Benedict


Legendary 'Tommy's 1 Pan' Wonder


Chai Blend 

My cravings for a good Italian breakfast fixed!

We were then headed to the Cabot Circus.


Cabot Circus is a shopping centre in Bristol.There are over 120 shops , 2 department stores, restaurants, cafes, cinema, golf centre, and etc. We took an Uber service to here. The nearest railway station is Bristol Temple Meads. It can be reached by bus, taxi or even on foot.


Christmas Market is just across the Cabot Circus. 

Bristol German Market

THIS IS SOOOO MY THING!!!! The lightings and the colourful christmas decoration is so ON!!!!



Look at those giant cookies!  Those are my fats contributors!


Something that i need to highlight here: MULLED WINE



Mulled Wine is a beverage of European origins usually made with red wine along with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins. It is served hot or warm and is alcoholic, although there are non-alcoholic versions of mulled wine. We can normally get it during Christmas or Halloween.

It is perfect for winter! My all time warmer during the trip.


I am not a fans of HOT DOG  opps! SAUSAGE

However, this huge footlong super duper chewy sausage sandwich made me addicted to it.  I WANT TO EAT IT NOW SO BADLY..... :(

 A Hot Sausage Sandwich stall can be so catchy....

 Malaysia ~ oh Malaysia~~    

Next, dinner time!

  The Stable 
Exeter Unit 32 Guildhall Exeter Devon EX4 3EB
01179 279 999 

You’ll easily find THE STABLE right in the heart of the city, on Bristol’s Harbourside.


The Stable on Bristol's Harbourside proudly serves award-winning pizzas and over 60 varieties of cider. They are family friendly and open everyday from 11am-midnight. All their pizzas are lovingly handmade onsite in their beautiful Cathedral to Cider.


This place is a must go for those who love CIDER. They have more cider than you can shake your tail feather at. Everything is fresh and organic.


The ciders were served before food.


Personally, i am not into cider. Thus, i may not be a suitable person to comment on their ciders. Reviews are good thou. Try it since they claimed they are the expert in cider ;)



PIZZA IS GOOD! yummmmm~~



As for the PIE ... er.. forget it...




I dislike the pie. Totally regret with why didn't I go for a different flavor pizza instead since they claimed to be an expert for pizza too.

I HATE YOU PIE... make me no space for dessert...

Quay Head House Colston Avenue Bristol BS1 1EB United Kingdom 
+44 117 929 4429



This is definitely a place that i want to review it so bad but don't want anyone else to know about this amazingly little find!!!

The Milk Thistle is a prohibition bar hidden in the centre of town and it is just what the doctor ordered.


Tom is the legend of a barman who make drinks that would normally blow your head off when he was just mixing up with a cheap mixer and it just work so so well with their amazing recipes! It's a great place to impress someone *I GOT IMPRESSED*

The smaller groups the better as it's not a large space downstairs . The 5 of us were comfortably fitted into the cozy corner. I didn't want to leave until i have to.


Headed back for a good sleep after all those great cocktails.

It was a great great night.

*Stay tuned for the NEXT*

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Travel to the Europe (Part I: lay off @ Istanbul )


I was excited that finally i am flying to my favourite country , United Kingdom!

It was not a pre-planned trip. Since i have not much solid work at that moment, immediately without any hesitation, i agreed to join the 'let's go and we go' trip.

Round trip fare for Turkish Airline was within MYR 3000. It was my very first time to board on Turkish Airline.

A good seat is paramount. Choose an aisle seat for easy access to the airplane washroom or else it is going to be a real trouble to keep asking for giving way to u throughout the whole journey.

The seats are slightly wider compared to Air Asia, at least, i can still adjust the seat position so i can lay down for a sleep in the long haul flight. Oh, a reminder here, for those who are light sleeper , bring your own power ear plug! I AM SERIOUS ON THIS.


Lucky that i don't have mosquito racket with me....amen... ⍏

The most awaiting moment during long haul flight is definitely the announcement of meal serving!

Turkish food! You get to choose the main course and it comes with appetizers and desserts.



They served various type of beverages: mineral water, coffee or tea, yogurt, juices, wine,beer,whisky,vodka etc etc...

At one point, my 'neighbour' on the plane kept asking for vodka.. i thought we were going to be in a deep shit for sitting beside him ... questions popping out in my mind ... is he going to drunk? will he puke?... is he going to talk even louder later?... *he had been non-stop talking to my friend LOUDLY since we boarded..* 

Thank god he fall asleep after few glass..

After a long 12 hours flight, touched down Istanbul Atatürk Airport! It was 7 Celsius!




I was so eager to look for wifi once i touched down.

I think most of us having the same problem when we are trying to connect to a FREE airport wifi , yet we are not using roaming, we cant sign in to the wifi as it required mobile number to be verified.

I looked for the nearest cafe and ordered a cup of hot tea for the sake of the WIFI.

'HALO BABA MAMA BRO SIS AH GONG AH MA HUBBY DARLING BABY... I arrived!' Then, proceed to Facebook check in ;)...



As a blogger , i admit, we must have good acting skill. OR, at least, posing skill. Since the trend now is no longer look at camera , say cheese and smile, but ACT CANDID. There it is, my candid shot ! :D

I had 4 hours before my connecting flight to Heathrow! After i had enough with all the updates on WhatsApps, Insta, Facebook, SnapChat, Wechat, etc etc.. then i was just waking around and exploring their local souvenirs and local made products.


I like the design and decoration of the shops in the airport as well as their products!! Colourful!!!




I was very tempted to buy many things from the airport, but ended up i just got myself  tiny bracelet with their signature Evil Eye because it is one of the most common and famous superstition in Turkey. Turks believe that this blue eye keeps evils and bad luck away. It protects everyone and everywhere from bad energy ;)


By just looking at the packaging, i can feel that this honey is definitely far more tastier than our local made! I think i should just make one trip to Istanbul just to fix my Turks delicacies cravings!

Alright ! Next ! BRISTOL! See ya! =D