Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Just a random simple post showing how i addicted to the animal print top recently *luvie*


Cap: Vincci 
Top: Zara
Long Pant : MnB
Shoe: Vincci



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Opening-Lava Dance Club~*


Bored of the same location same crowd or same Djs???

Head on to our New opening Lava Dance Club which located in the Wisma MPL !

M not a big fans of club but i enjoyed the girls' time most of the time especially when everyone shouting 'I WANT OOTD' XD...and there goes the camera flashes xD...


Coincidently, me and wilee had the same style on the night... a simple long black tights and a loosy top XD...


As usual , the group shot!!!! =D


Special thanks to the lovely Mandy , i love how she looks now , a beautiful fashionable chicka , that what i called her now !;)

Check out the video !

Hesistate no more, come and feel this whole new concept club , bring along your party gang and start heat up the ground!!!

xoxo ~*