Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Means War~*


The very 4yearsonce special day!!!!!

At first, it wasnt a very good day for me after i took my midterm coz i was sooooo terribly forgetful and i actually know all the answers!!!! but ended up mixing up everything and answer wrong... ok... forget it....=(

What passed is a past....^-^

Nothing so special about today except seeing that 29th actually appear on feb on the calender this year...

Went to watch 'This Means War' in GSC ,Mid Valley with friends...

It was a really nice comedy which actually also another movie that i stay awake untill the movie ends xD....

*recently i used to fall asleep in the cinema after i finished my popcorn=x*

I strongly recommend this movie to those who fancy love story or comedies xD...

woooooh.... i really like the male main actor with blue eyes....sooooooooo cuteeeee


i noticed my eyebag getting more n more serious >_<...

Good Night dearies!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

IKEA Meatball~*

Morning 930 till evening 630 was having marathon classes and finally get to relax after that!!!!

Guess what?

KL people always blink their eyes and feel hungry when someone mention 'IKEA MEATBALL'! 

i heard of this famous meatball few years back when i just came to kl for study, but i never get the chance to taste it myself ,not untill today !!! XD

Finally , thanks to a friend of mine who suggested to go for meatball before doing his book shelf research in IKEA , we ordered the meatball and salmon ^-^


Look at this mouth watering dish!!!! =D

The most special part of this meatball is the gravy !!!! I LIKE!!!!!! *_______* b

This is my first time i dip the fries and meatball with a JAM!!!! *-*

Seriously, i never thought of dipping the french fries or any salty food with a jam but after today , i am soooo gonna to buy a bottle of jam and a pack of french fries and they are going to be my new favourite snack after all!!!

Oh yea!!! if you guys still remember!!!! my all time Starbucks favourite choice- Green Tea Frappuchino with Cream!!!! Have a cup of it after the super nice meatball and the awesome FrenchFries+Jam ,BEST ARHX!!!! =D



Friday, February 24, 2012

Miss Cheongsam Malaysia 2012( Part lI)~*

After enjoying the Cultural Village, is time to get ready for the intensive training and dance practice!!!


*with our dearest Bonnie, thanks to her, she had been taking care of all of us for one whole week!!*

I successfully went into top 5!!!!

spot me spot me!!!=D


I am the one in blue cheongsam !!!! i love the hairdo on that night !!!! thanks to my dear hairstylist too!!!


After the Q&A session, they annouced the result!!

I was the 3rd runner up!!! and Congrats to out dearie L Liss, who is also from Penang , the winner !!=D


*group shot with our dear Organizer, Mr.Alaric!!!*

*our poster!!*

*with our handsome organizer, Alaric!!!*

*after party with Vin!*


Thanks to Sherly for sendiing me this newspaper all the way from Kuching!!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miss Cheongsam Malaysia 2012( Part I)~*

Good Day Dearies,

it's been a long long time since my last update. People had been keep bugging me for a new post else they said wanna stop 'passby' my page d...oh dear... u know i will update right  *pity face* dun give up me nehx...*watery eyes* ...=D!

It's 2012~~~~~!!!

Happy New Year to all of you and i know you guys enjoyed a lot furing ur CNY right?!! Sure get lot lot lot of AngPao!!!

Sadly , dis year i got not more than 10 fingers.... T_T *sigh*...

Within 1 month time, i had been keep travelling from KL- PG-KL-PG-KL and to the largest state in Malaysia, Sarawak!!!

That was my first time visiting Kuching, city of Sarawak!! It is a very nice place which also make me feels like i am in Penang too... Peace , rich with history and heritage ,and not much traffic over there...Nice!

I was in Kuching for the Miss Cheongsam Malaysia 2012 !!! =D

First of all i would like to special thanks to Mr.Alaric Soh!!! He is like the big daddy to all the 18 finalists for this pageant!

Although it was the first time in Kuching for most of us , but having Alaric to take good care of us ,NO PROBLEM LA!!!!! XD ...

With the legendary of Mount Santubong, Sarawak Cultural Village is a must-visit-site for the tourist like us!


In Cultural Village, we must not miss out the cultural show perform by the Iban!


They also show us how they catch their preys for foods and etc. I love how they interact with the audience by asking them to go up to the stage to join the fun !!

After the performance, we went to visit their accomodation.

We have to climb the bridge made by bamboo to cross the river to reach their house. XD


The Iban have their own culture and believe. Before they get married, the woman have to stay together in the long house and the man have to stay at the other side . At the man living place, they hang the enemy head which they killed on the roof to show how brave and fierce they are. The one with the most skeleton head on the roof will get the highest respect from the others.

*their trophy*

After they get married, all of them will live together in the Melanau Tall house. There'll be like around 50 families staying together and do everything together in the long house.


sarawak cultural village

and the staircase in the house is super narrow and small , so we have to be really careful when climbing up !!



*us with the rice rolling equipment*

After visiting their house , it's time for lunch! We had our lunch in the Cultural Village Restaurant!


After filling up our dearest stomach, its time to say goodbye to Cultural Village!