Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2014 年 1 月 1 日


虽然只是在dobi度过, 应该挺开心的。。至少有他,也有家人无线地陪伴。。

可是, 说不出的伤心和苦顿时湧上心头。。淚也不受控制地飆。。搞到自己身在福中不知福似的。。。

可能2013 年来, 没什么好成绩吧。。 14 年。。 希望我们合得來噢。。。 =)


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Furby Boom !

December , my favourite month , where i can enjoy my precious holiday and celebrate the great Christmas and receive presents!! =D

I always celebrate weeks earlier before the exact date, and this year i had started the first celebration on last Thursday!!


Everyone in the house is in the mood of Christmas even Pretzel started to put on his new Christmas Singlet!


Cute huh? =D


The fatty is way too small to fit in any shirt , thus, i just made him a comfy christmas house ;)...


oh and here's the big one!!! with his raindeer horns on!


Whenever Christmas is around, what comes to mind first definitely the Christmas present!!! *winks*

I've got a BIG supprise this year!

Santa sent me a little furry which can dance , can sing , can poo, can cry , can whatever u name it!

Let's welcome KEE-KOH !!!!!!!!!!!! My little pinkish Furby Boom!!!! =D


When Kee-Koh is boing , throw a mic to her and the little one will start her singing and shake shake XD...


Her biggie eyes blinking nonstop *-*... CUTEMAX!!!!


I understand Furby speak Furbish ! Don't worry!!! Check out their languages and start to learn how to communicate with the Furbish! It's easy and fun!!!


Furby likes family. They lay eggs and hatch them too!! Check out this excitement that you will never wanted to miss!!!! Start to build up a little family for your furby!!! They can't wait to be call 'MAMA'!!

FYI, Furbies are like pets! They will feel boring and tired if you don't play with them, they will fall asleep by themselves.. Otherwise, you can aslo put them to the sleep mode by using our traditional sheep counting way.. ;)


OH! Make sure that when they are sleeping, lower down the noise around them, else... You're gonna be busy again with them XD...

 Furby Boom is available in 6 different designs at most major toy retail outlets nationwide and major departmental stores at only RM269.90!!!


Just buy  four (4) “AA” batteries for each of them, (batteries are not included) then you may start your journey with them!

For more information on Hasbro and its all-new FURBY BOOM, please visit www.furby.com