Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pink Galaxy Note II ~*




According to the Colours' Meaning, PINK is 'cotton candy, bubble gums and babies, especially little girls...it representing sugar and spices, everything nice...'


PINK symbolizes joy and happiness.

I feel sweet and lovely whenever i see pink stuffs around me...

For me, PINK is feminie and sexy and it always relaxing the eyes...

With the present of PINK colour, i believe my life is getting more and more interesting and joyful! *luv*


Scanning around my little pinkish room, i see pink bed , pink carpet, pink closet, pink footwear, pink headgears, pink albums etc....

At the moment, my grey Galaxy NoteII is standing out from the others XD..

Looking at it make me miss the pink NoteII more!!!

I just feel like adding another star member to my pink collections *-*



It's sooo sweet *LUV*


I am so willing to exchange my baby grey with the pinkie one .... HEE!!! Anyone??=D

Check the pinkies out here http://www.facebook.com/samsungmobilemalaysia

And don't forget to follow them at https://twitter.com/SamsungMalaysia to get more updates !!=D

Monday, March 11, 2013

The OOTN ~*


M back again!!!

First of all , i would like to shout out a BIG BIG 'THANK YOU' for those who still viewing my half dead blog =D...

muacksss muacksssss MUACCCKSSSSS !!!!!

Seriously , i started to feel so guilty for not update my blog for so long... =x ...

I promise to get back to here more often okay:D ...heee=D...

Here's another OOTN post ^^..


I love my top to the max as it just costs me RM 15 after the 60% discounts !!! *winks*


Trend these days like to show bit of waist line... which actually motivated me more to continue on my workout...

I had been hibernating my muscles and reactivated my fats for so long ...

and here's the ugly truth... that i need to actually hold my breath for photos... sigh....

workout workout!!!! i hate extra faaats... T_T...

To all my dearies...

Let's say goodbye to the ugly fats and welcome the nice tone bodyshape for ourselves!!!!


Soo sorry for the lousy pixels.. i blamed myself for my clumsyness .... that i dropped my baby and even left a long long scar beside the home button...


with luv,

Jc .