Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Antipodean Cafe, Bangsar~*


'M craving for a good american breakfast!!!*-*

Everytime i had been trying to give some hand-signs description to my friends that i wan this HUGEEEE *my both arms are swinging backwards* breakfast !!...

Somehow.. it will be always ended up with some kind of so called kid's meal breakfast set ... One shorty sausage with a pan fried-egg beside and a table spoon of  baked beans and at most some cucumber and tomato slices which actually looks like a food decoration purpose for me ...

It was finally fully satisfied my appetite yesterday when i visited Antipodean Cafe in Bangsar !=D

Stradding accross Asia, Antipodean Cafe can be found in 5 different locations in 3 different countries. We, Malaysians are proud to have one of them here which located in the Bangsar City!=D


We waited for quite some time just to be seated , oh! take note here! They having this rule that they dun place a seat for incomplete group , so remember to gather before heading to this place ;)


At first i found that it's bit troublesome for me to read the menu which written on the walls... but then i remember ! GOOGLE!! The wonder of Google image had actually solved this difficulty for me XD...Just type in the 'Antipodean Cafe Menu' .. There it goes ! =D

Despite waiting for such a long time just to fill my little stomach which i had been starved for the whole morning... i just order the famous Big Breakfast where i always see in those food blogs .. i believe it should be really nice untill everyone who been to this cafe will definitely have this served on their dining table !


*The Big Breakfast*

I strongly recommend this Big Breakfast!! It's truly fit my requirement for a real American breakfast especially the juicy  thick wild mushrooms!  *-* SWEEEET~~~~


*The All Day Breakfast*

I would not say this is superb as what you see from the photos .. but yea.. it is still alot nicer than all those breakfast serving outside... ;) ..


*The Grilled Chicken with Tomatoes and Long Beans... You name it ;) *

I don't really know what is this dish called , but yea this is what i heard from the waiter when we asked ... According to him , this is the high demand dish which even placing above the both breakfast set...

Hmmm.. if for me , i still prefer the Big Breakfast which i recommended earlier... I found that this chicken pieces are bit too dry for me , well maybe they are good for body builders or those who love chicken breast.. unfortunately diet dish is not the time when i am looking for a real delicious! Furthermore... the long beans are bit too 'tough' for the teeth =x

However, it's still up to everyone's preference... different people has different taste bud... mine are way too choosy sometimes XD...


*The Sauces*

The tabasco , bbq sauce,black pepper and chilli sauce !


*The Ginger Bread*

This is specially for the those who has sweet tooth!!

A sweet piece for you after all the main course ;) ...


I did enjoyed my Big Breakfast here and YES, i would love to come again for it ! ;)


A hearty breakfast is definitely a good kick start of the day ! Cheers!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Brand Laurette Awards Night~*


A year just passed by !

I still in my own 2012 world yet it's a whole new 2013 now!!

The whole picture of 2012 Brand Laurette Awards Night were still freshly lingering around my mind...

But now 'm standing at the same hall , with the same pose but another awards night after a year!!



Hereby, i wish all of my dearies Happy 2013 !!!!

Wish you all a prosperous SNAKE year!!! ;)