Thursday, October 3, 2013

Q Hair Works~*

I admit that i am kinda annoying when i say :'I want to dye hair liao!'..

Seriously , how many thousands times i had been saying this and yet ended up still the virgin dark brown hair XD

again and again... i was just admiring those fancy hairstyles with their colourful hair... somehow i always think that.. we just live once, just give it a try if you want it!

Back to weeks ago, my baby virgin hair finally got it first time in hair colouring! This was taken before the hairdye service...


I had been browsing through alot of celebrities hairstyle and checking out what is the suitable hair colour all the while and finally i chose the hash brown red !



This colour will be outstand under sun and it actually make me look fairer *luv*

OH! and thanks to Bryan , my handsome hairstylist from Q Hair Works!!! With his magical hands, i am now walking out the doorstep even more confidently and somehow i just think that coloured hair draws more attentions!!! XD


Sui bo?? #^-^#

 LOL!! One more thing!!!

I had been acting weird after my hair got dyed... people around me just thought that they had been hanging around with a weirdo! There are 3 steps that i always do recently...

1. Take out the camera
2.Run to the sun and snap
3.Run back to the shady area and shout 'WHY SO HOT ONE!!!! "



Dear readers!!! 1 sweet gift from me to you!!!

Head on to Q HAIR WORKS  and mention my name 'COCO' and then sit back and enjoy any hair service with the great discount of 30% from today onwards till December 2013!!!

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Muaxxxxxx ~~~~~