Thursday, June 26, 2014

Real Liner? my 'BENEFIT' !

Eyes are the window to the soul.

A pair of tiring eyes will not hold a longer conversation and might even lose a lot of great opportunities which actually been ready for you.

'Make sure you get enough sleep. If you don't, you will end up with puffy eyes and bags in the morning which will never make your eyes look attractive.'

These days, the young generation hardly get enough sleep.

8 hours a day?


This is probably the answer you will get. 4 hours per day probably more than enough for them. Working adult like me wish to have at least 6 hours of good sleep too, but well, the clock still ticking fast , no waiting , at all.


I have slightly uneven tone around my eyes.. Dark circle we used to call XD...

and my eye bag is slightly more serious...

Honestly , it doesn't look presentable if i walk out with my bare eyes. People around me always ask the same questions like :'Are you sick?''Are you tired?''Are you ok?' while i am actually quite energetic.


Other than putting up your favourite cosmetics and contact lens, a good line above the eye will definitely brighten up your puffy tiring eyes.

Drawing a good eye line will never easy especially for the beginner.It's either you haven't catch up the skill or it's the eyeliner problem. A good handy eyeliner is important for your eyes. It's like a must for the eyes besides the lens and lashes.

Benefit came up a whole new idea of eyeliner which is the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! 


This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer the line, the bigger the eye!


Twist base once to “push up” gel liner to tip. Resting the AccuFlex™ tip on the base of your lashes, slowly guide along your lashline from the inner or outer corner. The angled AccuFlex™ tip works both ways. *For first-time use, remove and discard tip protector.* Activate they’re real! push-up liner by twisting base 8-10 times until gel is delivered to tip. Wipe any excess on tissue.


SOC14_TARLiner_Tip (1)


It is really handy and easy to draw a good line with the pen. Cat eye ? NO PROBLEM!




Double the REAL! They are real! push-up liner and good to go with mascara together for beyond longer lashes AND bigger-looking eyes!


Or put on your fake lashes! These eyes definitely increase the turn-back rate!!!! ;)



Get one now!!!


Monday, June 16, 2014

Tiger Translate @ Kenanga ~*

Let me kick start this post with a selfie! =D


First , let me introduce my new lace bracelet which i love it so much! *-*

It has 5 different colors and the one i am wearing now is in Grey!


My ootd was to attend Tiger Translate event in Kenanga City Mall , KL.


Tiger Translate is a global platform for creativity that brings both art and music together to inspire, ignite, and engage international audiences.


As creative forces collide and eastern culture blends seamlessly with western influences, the worlds of art and music are brought to life like never before.After a stream of exciting events held across 23 major cities worldwide, Tiger Translate is finally here in Kuala Lumpur(Kenanga) for the first time. Celebrate a brand new experience at Tiger Translate on 14th of June 2014!


The buddy start to roll his eyes on chic again xD...


Tigerssss are all around the hall!!!! ;)


I've got myself a RFID VIP tag from Manoah and it is with complimentary free flow and also RM75 inside for me to swipe on the food and other beverages for the party!

I love how free and easy this partsy was, no movement limitation as we can dance and hop around while partying with the DJ artistes!

We got ourselves a Tiger Radler before the party start! ;)


It's getting more and more crowded!!!! Waiting for the DJs! The performing artistes are Chochukmo , Editors, Manic Sheep, Mad August, OJ Law and Indiego & Co!!


Oh yea! i like the new Tiger Radler !Lemon flavour , nice ;)


Tattoo station from Tiger Beer!


We are getting ready to rock the party with our Tiger Radler!!!!!!!!!!!!


Check out more from here.

 Facebook Page:

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Starlight Cinema -Malaysia's Largest Outdoor Cinema!


I am proud to shout out loud that :' I AM A SAMSUNG USER!!'

Not to mention how great and handy my Samsung Note III is for now, let's just talk about what we like the most : FREEBIES!

Samsung Galaxy Life had been hyped up by the free Starbucks.

Now, this is what everybody is talking about-The Starlight Cinema-Malaysia's Largest Outdoor Cinema. 

I am a happy Samsung users who always enlightened by the Galaxy Life 's freebies and rewards !

This time, i am collecting my FREE movie pass for the whole entire movie week at The Starlight Cinema!!!


We always envy how great the european enjoy their movie outdoor while enjoying every bits of the nature but now , we can also have our own sweet time here in Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort ,Malaysia!


It's startinng to get crowded even before the show start. People start to choosing their spots and wait for the movie to start! It's windy and that's exactly how i wish it to be! *-*


After picked my resting spot, i hopped on to MyBurgerLAb to redeem my very first burger from them! It was the longest Q among the others! Just go into your Samsung Galaxy Life and click redeem it an hour before you redeem it! ;)


There're also some others freebies like Gong Cha , Gelato Ice Cream, Pizza Hut, Crazy fries and etc. Just browse through your apps and enjoy every redemption! ;D


This was my first try on this everyone-crave-for burger and I am now planning to visit their shop for more! Nice !*luv*


Can we have variety of yummy foods like this in the normal indoor cinema too? *-*  and of coz, not those smelly foods.. =x XD...


It feels like camping , but what makes it better is that we can watch movie on the XXXXXXL screen at the same time !!!

SAMSUNG BABIES!!! go get your freebies now!!!! Here's some simple 1,2,3 steps on how to do the redemption;)


and here's the movie schedule! I have watched the Paranormal Activity and i am thinking to go for another next week ;D


As for next Saturday, you can just ask your date and prepare all the needs and lay back for a movie marathon until 4am in the morning !!! Let the Batman do the job !:D


DOWNLOAD the apps now

Check the full movie schedule list HERE

Enjoy !

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

River Island - The brand from top to toe!

River Island has been in the fashion retail industry for over 60 years providing the best designs for men, women as well as kids. With nearly 300 stores worldwide, River Island is known for its modern trendy designs and affordable prices.


Customers could have an eye candy experience with the extensive selection of clothes, bags, accessories, watches, scarfs and shoes from River Island collection as the brand is always up-to-date with the ever changing fashion trends. If you are running out of ideas to mix and match your outfit, River Island might be the perfect fashion brand for you! The well-known brand offers its customers a wide range of selection to choose from head-to-toe.


The cosmopolitan ladies could check out the beautiful dresses and fabulous high heels from River Island to perk up their style.



The ladies could match up their outfit with a luxurious River Island handbag and feel confident. Meanwhile, the gents could adore the plenty stylish shirts, shoes and belts sold by River Island :)


Men may appear stylish anywhere they go with a tribal print tee and boat shoes. Made from great quality materials, River Island fashion products ensure their customers high satisfaction and comfort all day long. Aimed to provide the best quality designs in High Street fashion, River Island has made its name throughout the world. 



Even the celebrities love the trendy designs from River Island!!

The talented young celeb famous for her role in Disney channel drama series, Wizards of the Waverly Place, Selena Gomez walks around town looking casual and chic with a pair of boyfriend jeans from River Island.  Meanwhile, the stunning former Victoria Secret model and successful entrepreneur Miranda Kerr flaunts her tall figure with River Island super skinny jeans. 


Are you dying to get the amazing looks like these celebrities? River Island is made available right at Zalora! You could scroll through the great collections for both men and women to purchase your new outfits with Zalora! 

Wait NO More ! Start to browse through those exclusive items and do your online shopping now! *grins*

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stylish Because I Can~*

From a black long hair to a short blonde is absolutely a style whether it suits you or not . Either turning into a Chiobu ...

like this...


and this...



turning into a... erm *people used to call* LALA ...



or maybe .. we name it ROCKER style ...

ANYWAY...  still STYLE ! ;)

Stepping into the stylish life is never easy.  Everything has to be more specific. Not to mention the fashion, without a good selfie skill , no matter how in style you are... the world can never see it !

I have tons of speechless photos...


and what left now are either those which i forgot to delete or i cant delete it because that's the only photo that i get to take with someone...



that's the only photo i took at somewhere far away from my country which i might not head back to the same place again in the future, and for the sake of sweet memory, i kept it .


Seriously O.M.G...

Imagine, the next generation who trying to google on 'world worst quality photo' or ' haunted swimming pool' or whatever creepy thing, and my photo popped out...

Good selfie skill is a must ! However, a good camera is always the key to be stylish!

Remember , low quality photos can never show how good you are neither your style or your selfie skill ;)

Luckily i got my Samsung NX Mini before i get my new look for the Singapore Fahsion Festival Show 2014, such an experience in my life!

The NX Mini's marquee feature is its 3-inch touchscreen that flips up 180 degrees.

ME LOVE!!!! *-*


It is soooo clear until can see every strand of my newly coloured hair! Samsung NX mini

I wasn't really into kPOP before the transformation, but since then, kPOP look seems not bad on me XD...


YENG OR NOT ?? *-*

With its 20.5MP 1"-type BSI CMOS sensor, my hair clearly showed the 3 different colours , proudly presented to you by the superstar hairstylist Jimmy from CelebTrenz in Paradigm Mall.

How much love i had planted to my new camera can tell by seeing how much loaded my camera file is... XD...

OH YEA! Samsung NX mini has a great feature!

It has a 'face detection'and here are the three modes: Normal Shot, Smile Shot and Wink Shot.


*this is the smile shot mode*

On the Normal, when the shutter is pressed, a three-second countdown timer shows up so you can quickly prime yourself for your selfie. Smile Shot gets right to it and fires off a shot only when you've got a big, cheesy smile on. This was my favorite, since it didn't waste my time with a countdown and forced everyone to put on their biggest smiles XD ..

Oh i like the wink shot too! my signature pose XD...


*normal shot mode*

 I am a fans of pastel colors!

and i love vintage stuff!

Samsung NX mini not just featuring all the great tools, they are also available in pastel colors!!!!


I pick brown and mint!!!

Samsung NX Mini's retail price is at RM1399 ONLY with 9 mm f3.5 lens and RM1699 with kit lens!


It is a must have item in my bag everyday.

Have you got yours ?

For more information about Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera, check out 

Samsung Malaysia Website: 
Samsung Malaysia Facebook Page: