Monday, June 16, 2014

Tiger Translate @ Kenanga ~*

Let me kick start this post with a selfie! =D


First , let me introduce my new lace bracelet which i love it so much! *-*

It has 5 different colors and the one i am wearing now is in Grey!


My ootd was to attend Tiger Translate event in Kenanga City Mall , KL.


Tiger Translate is a global platform for creativity that brings both art and music together to inspire, ignite, and engage international audiences.


As creative forces collide and eastern culture blends seamlessly with western influences, the worlds of art and music are brought to life like never before.After a stream of exciting events held across 23 major cities worldwide, Tiger Translate is finally here in Kuala Lumpur(Kenanga) for the first time. Celebrate a brand new experience at Tiger Translate on 14th of June 2014!


The buddy start to roll his eyes on chic again xD...


Tigerssss are all around the hall!!!! ;)


I've got myself a RFID VIP tag from Manoah and it is with complimentary free flow and also RM75 inside for me to swipe on the food and other beverages for the party!

I love how free and easy this partsy was, no movement limitation as we can dance and hop around while partying with the DJ artistes!

We got ourselves a Tiger Radler before the party start! ;)


It's getting more and more crowded!!!! Waiting for the DJs! The performing artistes are Chochukmo , Editors, Manic Sheep, Mad August, OJ Law and Indiego & Co!!


Oh yea! i like the new Tiger Radler !Lemon flavour , nice ;)


Tattoo station from Tiger Beer!


We are getting ready to rock the party with our Tiger Radler!!!!!!!!!!!!


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