Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stylish Because I Can~*

From a black long hair to a short blonde is absolutely a style whether it suits you or not . Either turning into a Chiobu ...

like this...


and this...



turning into a... erm *people used to call* LALA ...



or maybe .. we name it ROCKER style ...

ANYWAY...  still STYLE ! ;)

Stepping into the stylish life is never easy.  Everything has to be more specific. Not to mention the fashion, without a good selfie skill , no matter how in style you are... the world can never see it !

I have tons of speechless photos...


and what left now are either those which i forgot to delete or i cant delete it because that's the only photo that i get to take with someone...



that's the only photo i took at somewhere far away from my country which i might not head back to the same place again in the future, and for the sake of sweet memory, i kept it .


Seriously O.M.G...

Imagine, the next generation who trying to google on 'world worst quality photo' or ' haunted swimming pool' or whatever creepy thing, and my photo popped out...

Good selfie skill is a must ! However, a good camera is always the key to be stylish!

Remember , low quality photos can never show how good you are neither your style or your selfie skill ;)

Luckily i got my Samsung NX Mini before i get my new look for the Singapore Fahsion Festival Show 2014, such an experience in my life!

The NX Mini's marquee feature is its 3-inch touchscreen that flips up 180 degrees.

ME LOVE!!!! *-*


It is soooo clear until can see every strand of my newly coloured hair! Samsung NX mini

I wasn't really into kPOP before the transformation, but since then, kPOP look seems not bad on me XD...


YENG OR NOT ?? *-*

With its 20.5MP 1"-type BSI CMOS sensor, my hair clearly showed the 3 different colours , proudly presented to you by the superstar hairstylist Jimmy from CelebTrenz in Paradigm Mall.

How much love i had planted to my new camera can tell by seeing how much loaded my camera file is... XD...

OH YEA! Samsung NX mini has a great feature!

It has a 'face detection'and here are the three modes: Normal Shot, Smile Shot and Wink Shot.


*this is the smile shot mode*

On the Normal, when the shutter is pressed, a three-second countdown timer shows up so you can quickly prime yourself for your selfie. Smile Shot gets right to it and fires off a shot only when you've got a big, cheesy smile on. This was my favorite, since it didn't waste my time with a countdown and forced everyone to put on their biggest smiles XD ..

Oh i like the wink shot too! my signature pose XD...


*normal shot mode*

 I am a fans of pastel colors!

and i love vintage stuff!

Samsung NX mini not just featuring all the great tools, they are also available in pastel colors!!!!


I pick brown and mint!!!

Samsung NX Mini's retail price is at RM1399 ONLY with 9 mm f3.5 lens and RM1699 with kit lens!


It is a must have item in my bag everyday.

Have you got yours ?

For more information about Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera, check out 

Samsung Malaysia Website: 
Samsung Malaysia Facebook Page:



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