Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Daniel Wellington Watch


"If there's a dream watch out there, it's going to be the Daniel Wellington watch." Santa must have been very busy to collect wishes like that for the Christmas! I am a die hard fans for watches and i will never let go any opportunity to get the watches i like. Daniel Wellington got a timeless look which i have been looking for my daily accessories. It doesn't matter if it's overrated or underrated, I WANT ONE!!!


I got myself the Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow (Rose Gold). I like it so much as i am very much into watches especially those with rose gold pleated and Daniel Wellington's appeal is unlike any other watch online that you can find. It is super trendy and perfect for any flatlay or outfit of the day. I got to admit that it's absolutely versatile and always add credit to my lazy one piece day!


Depending on your own style preference and personality, you'll have a great time creating outfits with the Daniel Wellington watch. Another highlight on Daniel Wellington watch is that it's got interchangeable straps ! Just pick any strap for a different day or occasion and you're set to go!


For formal events, you may want something leathery for an elegant look and feel, here is when you should take a look at their classic leather strap which also comes in various shades as well as textures. No more boring flat black or dark brown! How about a Crocodile texture for an elevated style ?


Their sort of unique wrist straps are called the NATO straps which made Daniel Wellington go popular in the first place. NATO straps were originally worn by The British Navy way back in the 70s and has now become the MUST have trend!


In line with minimal aesthetics, NATO strap becomes famous and everyone loves it especially with the classy watch dial combination. Now this is one great piece to make you standout when you're dressed casually !


Talking about my next wanted watch, i am aiming for this cool, dark and mysterious Classic Black Daniel Wellington. This is definitely another glam piece i need for my formal events! It is available in rose gold or silver accents. I think i have lost count on my rose gold watches. I AM A DIE HARD FANS for rose gold ! Now, I WANT THIS!

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