Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Opener!~*

OH~~~ you better watch out~~~

You better not cry~~~

better not pout~~~

I'm telling you why~~~~

THE OPENER is coming to town!!!!!=D

Aren't you feeling super excited towards the arriving of Christmas???=D

Have you get your christmas present ??

Here HEINEKEN MALAYSIA is going to give you all a big big christmas present!!!!=D


AHA!!!!oh yea!!! This is also exclusively for our beloved iPhone users!!!!*winks! faster get ready your iPhone now and follow my steps!!!!=D*


First of all , click on the links below and download the application in your iPhone, it's a FREE download =D!


Heineken The Opener iPhone App
itunes: *Click and Download*
Facebook: *Click and Download*

What if all Heineken bottles had surprises inside?Heres the secret. Its all in the bottles! There are hundreds of virtual Heineken bottles all over the country. Download The Opener and use it to look for them in augmented reality. Capture them. And open them. Get hundreds of tips to tickle your brain, experiential treats and prizes.Discover how you can send an elevator straight to your level. Or how to shoo mosquitoes away. Find exciting treats too worth RM50 or RM200.

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Anyway , iPad users!!!! 

Good news for you all!

This application is available on iPad too!!!!*i'm using it!=D*


*ARHXXXX ! Just click YES la XD!*

After downloaded the application from iTunes, open it and register yourself ! After those simple steps ,you may want to share to you lovely tweeties and facebookies =D!!! SHARING IS CARING! *winks*


Then, The Opener will track your current location and start to show you all the available Heineken spots where you can open the Heineken bottles!!!!

*HEEEE=D... i am heading to the location where the Heineken Bottle Cap are!*

WOKAY!!! here comes the interesting part!!!

Once you found the location where the virtual Heineken Bottles are located, point your Opener to the star indicator beside the Heineken bottle and open it with a flick! ops! Pop it like how you open a real bottle!!! ;)

Heineken The Opener 4

OH YEH!!! Tips , treats and points will be there for you after you pop each Heineken bottle!


Since it's the Christmas Festival, share your great Heineken bottles moment with The Opener to all your friends as this is the part for this Festive Season!!!=D

How cool could it be compared with opening the Heineken bottles with your iPhone!!