Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maybeline New York Fashion Week inspired look-by coco~*

Who's gonna walk out the house with a dull pale dying face??

well... i did and i do sometimes*admitting the lazy side of me*.... =x

and there's a huge contrast from walking out between a dying zombie face and a shiny-after-makeup face!

people said : ' it's a crime without wearing any cosmetic' ' beautiful make up makes beautiful people' or even worse one...' Do not cause the flies to face extinction with your zombie face...'

SERIOUSLY , personally , i think that we should always look fresh and beautiful while we still can =D...

Woman aged fasted than the man... if not now , while you still young and afford to be as sexy , bubbly and gorgeous as you can , then when?

Maybeline New York is now taking the trend from the catwalk to the sidewalk. Empowering we, women to make a statement for ourselves that we are not afraid of creating a new look !

Today, 'm going to introduce to all of you , my dearies , the Party Princess look inspired by Maybeline New York !=D


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Belle's Classic ~*

shopping ShOPPInG SHOPPINGGG~~!!!!!!


Life ain't that dull and boring for a women anymore when we see our needs~~ especially our all-time favourite activity-SHOPPING!!!*-*

For me , myself , i love to shop for outfits !

Shoe , dress , accessories , etc etc ~~

This time ...

i'm gonna introduce to all of u , my lovely pretty dearies ....

the BELLE's CLASSIC !!!!

It's located at Bandar Puteri in Puchong area.

I love the design of the boutique ...

It's cozy environment  makes me feel like staying longer here and slowly choose the piece i like  .

They even have sofas in the waiting area especially for the boyfies to wait for their dearest in the fitting room xD...

Girls , we love our boyfies too right *winks*

We don't want them to feel bored of waiting and of coz ...

We don't want them to rush us !*winks*...


Once again ,a big  CONGRATZ to Belle's Classic !!!


Let's see what's in it now!!

A series of elegant designer's dress...


and below are few of my favourite pieces ...






besides , they have lot of super nice heels ...

beautiful heels for beautiful women with their beautiful dress = PERFECT! 




Personally , i like this !


It's carrying a different form of style which can easily shine on your feet!


As i mentioned in my previous post...

Accesorries is a must after everything set up nicely...

They will bring out who you are and also outshine from the others too !



*lovely lace pearl necklace*



Lastly, the dinner clutch which i love the most here!!!


After viewing all the items , i just can't wait to try out my favourite dress with my own handmade pearl earings, which i learned from our beautiful instructor, ANGIE from Kelvin Gems.


Special thanks to Belle's Classic and Kelvin Gems,

I got a lovely pink dress which perfectly match my handmade pearl earings!!!


heee=D !!! NICE????=D

Spot any of your favourite dress or heel or accessory ???

Dear all, i believe , no one can resist shopping with a super great deals !!!*like me* XD

Is time to pamper ourself after a hectic working week!!!

Let's SHOP!!!!! <3

Belle's Classic
Facebook Page

No. 23-1, Jalan Puteri 1/6, (Upstairs, above Friend’s Pharmacy)
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Malaysia
Opening Hours
Tues – Sat (11am – 8.30pm)
Sunday (11.30am – 8.30pm)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The handmadies ~*

Accessory like jewelry is always every  female all time favourite decorative item.

Personally , i admit that i always 'decorate' myself with jewelry especially some necklaces , earings , bracelets etc!

It's my pleasure to meet up with Angie from Kelvin Gems last week and learned to make some Charm Bracelets from her too! =D

Here're some materials needed for the making...

Different type of charms and pearls ...


Cutting plier , flat nose plier , and round nose plier needed .


In progress...


There're all easy steps but it takes lot of patient and creativity to make you very own charm bracelet!


I was wearing a black dress on that day , so i chose the black and gold to match with my dress...

and dang dang!!!

Here's my very first self handmade charm bracelet!!!



I love it sooooo sooooooo much ~~~

Special thanks to our dearest Angie!!!*-*