Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maybeline New York Fashion Week inspired look-by coco~*

Who's gonna walk out the house with a dull pale dying face??

well... i did and i do sometimes*admitting the lazy side of me*.... =x

and there's a huge contrast from walking out between a dying zombie face and a shiny-after-makeup face!

people said : ' it's a crime without wearing any cosmetic' ' beautiful make up makes beautiful people' or even worse one...' Do not cause the flies to face extinction with your zombie face...'

SERIOUSLY , personally , i think that we should always look fresh and beautiful while we still can =D...

Woman aged fasted than the man... if not now , while you still young and afford to be as sexy , bubbly and gorgeous as you can , then when?

Maybeline New York is now taking the trend from the catwalk to the sidewalk. Empowering we, women to make a statement for ourselves that we are not afraid of creating a new look !

Today, 'm going to introduce to all of you , my dearies , the Party Princess look inspired by Maybeline New York !=D



icebergstorm said...

wow! transformation from no make-up to party princess look!!
really nice coco! good job on video editing too! ;) ^_^

madammondoq said...

congrates dear!! see u there soon!!

bendan said...

OMG~ you can do the eyeliner just using one hand?? OMG, i failed doing it in front of the cam!! This is cool... congratulation girl. =]

c0co said...


Madammondoq:see u darling<3

bendan:haha yeaaa get used to it d XD...thanks dearie!!

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

That transformation was really interesting to watch.

Tyler said...

Wow i love that princess look, Looks great.