Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Travel to the Europe (Part I: lay off @ Istanbul )


I was excited that finally i am flying to my favourite country , United Kingdom!

It was not a pre-planned trip. Since i have not much solid work at that moment, immediately without any hesitation, i agreed to join the 'let's go and we go' trip.

Round trip fare for Turkish Airline was within MYR 3000. It was my very first time to board on Turkish Airline.

A good seat is paramount. Choose an aisle seat for easy access to the airplane washroom or else it is going to be a real trouble to keep asking for giving way to u throughout the whole journey.

The seats are slightly wider compared to Air Asia, at least, i can still adjust the seat position so i can lay down for a sleep in the long haul flight. Oh, a reminder here, for those who are light sleeper , bring your own power ear plug! I AM SERIOUS ON THIS.


Lucky that i don't have mosquito racket with me....amen... ⍏

The most awaiting moment during long haul flight is definitely the announcement of meal serving!

Turkish food! You get to choose the main course and it comes with appetizers and desserts.



They served various type of beverages: mineral water, coffee or tea, yogurt, juices, wine,beer,whisky,vodka etc etc...

At one point, my 'neighbour' on the plane kept asking for vodka.. i thought we were going to be in a deep shit for sitting beside him ... questions popping out in my mind ... is he going to drunk? will he puke?... is he going to talk even louder later?... *he had been non-stop talking to my friend LOUDLY since we boarded..* 

Thank god he fall asleep after few glass..

After a long 12 hours flight, touched down Istanbul Atatürk Airport! It was 7 Celsius!




I was so eager to look for wifi once i touched down.

I think most of us having the same problem when we are trying to connect to a FREE airport wifi , yet we are not using roaming, we cant sign in to the wifi as it required mobile number to be verified.

I looked for the nearest cafe and ordered a cup of hot tea for the sake of the WIFI.

'HALO BABA MAMA BRO SIS AH GONG AH MA HUBBY DARLING BABY... I arrived!' Then, proceed to Facebook check in ;)...



As a blogger , i admit, we must have good acting skill. OR, at least, posing skill. Since the trend now is no longer look at camera , say cheese and smile, but ACT CANDID. There it is, my candid shot ! :D

I had 4 hours before my connecting flight to Heathrow! After i had enough with all the updates on WhatsApps, Insta, Facebook, SnapChat, Wechat, etc etc.. then i was just waking around and exploring their local souvenirs and local made products.


I like the design and decoration of the shops in the airport as well as their products!! Colourful!!!




I was very tempted to buy many things from the airport, but ended up i just got myself  tiny bracelet with their signature Evil Eye because it is one of the most common and famous superstition in Turkey. Turks believe that this blue eye keeps evils and bad luck away. It protects everyone and everywhere from bad energy ;)


By just looking at the packaging, i can feel that this honey is definitely far more tastier than our local made! I think i should just make one trip to Istanbul just to fix my Turks delicacies cravings!

Alright ! Next ! BRISTOL! See ya! =D

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