Monday, November 7, 2016


I have been dealing with humans.

Need not to say how hard because that's the norm to be practice in our life.

Either go more diving session and train for better lungs capacity or just release you anger straight to their faces. Gosh, that's why world peace always seems so far away.

I founded DHR close to 5 years ago. It wasn't easy at all. Not simple steps like when we google:"How to start a business?" and Google tells you to register at SSM and set up bank account and bingo run your business and collect cash. HUGE NO.

Pitching idea sounds so exciting. It was for me. Well, I still think that pitching an idea is exciting thou. Getting slaps on face with harsh words aren't fun. Thanks to my chubby cheek! Thick enough to handle them;)

I am still handling Daily Home Rental as it has been my baby for years but I will be making some changes in the operating system to serve better! Here, I express my gratitude to all my team members. You have been great and everything wouldn't stand at what it is right now without you all. My highest appreciation!:)

Coming from a total zero knowledge of IT, I have been trying to develop a good relationship with artificial intelligence. Officially checking in myself into the tech world.

SEO, CTR, PPR, PPL and more and more.. I am gonna love you more from now on !

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