Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bye to Hair Loss- Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment~*


I visited Premier Clinic.

Premier Clinic is an aesthetic clinic with branches strategically located in Bangsar Baru and Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Licensed by the Malaysia Ministry of Health.

The very first walk in created a very comfortable feeling and that is a very important credit for me to choose a  beauty clinic.

Dr. Chen Tai Ho is one of the aesthetic doctor credentialed by the Malaysia Ministry of Health.


Reassure your beauty from top to toe with Dr. Chen. Check out his blog HERE.


This post is specially for those who have been looking for a reliable solution for their hair loss issue.

Too much complains about the hair treatments services offering in the market is not effective.

Let's check out the newly launch Stem Cell Hair Treatment from Premier Clinic. The following content showing the actual process of the treatment.


1. The aesthetic doctor will have a thorough examination of your scalp using a hair microscope to check your hair follicles. Then a small portion of your hair will be remove for the harvest process.



2.Anesthesia is used so you will have a comfortable experience all the way.



3. The doctor will gently and painlessly harvests healthy hair follicles in a 2mm area (1 graft unit) from your scalp without bleeding or discomfort.


The follicle.



4. The hair follicles are then placed into a high tech machine to filter and harvest concentrated stem cells.



5.The processed stem cells are then injected into balding areas with the finest needles to minimise discomfort.

He doesn't show any discomfort at all throughout the whole process and yet still able to make jokes. According to the doctor, you will see improvements on the thickness
and density of your existing hair. There is visible growth of new hair follicles even on the first month itself and there are improvements even with only 1 treatment session.

Besides, there is minimal to no side effects as the stem cells used are from your own body with zero compatibility issues. There is usually no pain, swelling, bleeding, scarring or other problems. You may just need to avoid swimming for the next 3 days since there are injections involved in the treatment in order to prevent any infection.

1 session is priced at RM7999 for 1 graft unit and it take about an hour time to be done.



Google Stem Cell Hair Treatment and Premier Clinic and check out what their existing clients says about their treatments:)

I was amazed with their results.

*Those who are bald shall consider other treatment like hair transplant *

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