Tuesday, February 28, 2012

IKEA Meatball~*

Morning 930 till evening 630 was having marathon classes and finally get to relax after that!!!!

Guess what?

KL people always blink their eyes and feel hungry when someone mention 'IKEA MEATBALL'! 

i heard of this famous meatball few years back when i just came to kl for study, but i never get the chance to taste it myself ,not untill today !!! XD

Finally , thanks to a friend of mine who suggested to go for meatball before doing his book shelf research in IKEA , we ordered the meatball and salmon ^-^


Look at this mouth watering dish!!!! =D

The most special part of this meatball is the gravy !!!! I LIKE!!!!!! *_______* b

This is my first time i dip the fries and meatball with a JAM!!!! *-*

Seriously, i never thought of dipping the french fries or any salty food with a jam but after today , i am soooo gonna to buy a bottle of jam and a pack of french fries and they are going to be my new favourite snack after all!!!

Oh yea!!! if you guys still remember!!!! my all time Starbucks favourite choice- Green Tea Frappuchino with Cream!!!! Have a cup of it after the super nice meatball and the awesome FrenchFries+Jam ,BEST ARHX!!!! =D



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