Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Johnie Walker Food and Whisky pairing demonstration by Chef Nigel Richter~*

I had a date with Johnnie Walker last week. This time, not just the JW , but a special food and whisky pairing demonstration by Chef Nigel Richter.

Food and whisky pairing never gets into boredom especially when it comes to the fine dining. Of course, a relaxing environment is always a credit !

Let's have a brief on the JW sseries.


JW Gold Label Reserve The tasting note is definitely an indulgent, luxurious and multi-layered blend. Its smooth balance of sweet fruits and creaminessevolves into deeper honeyed tones before finishing in ligering waves of wood,fruits and light,sweet Westcoast smoke. It is best enjoyed in a tall glass with crushed ice and a slice of orange . A must in celebration!

JW Black Label is a classic masterpiece of depth and complexity. On the nose, there are intense aromas of spice and hints of fruiness. Each sip revealing layers of bold flavour. It is crisp and light, with flavours of rich vanilla from the grain qhiskies,fresh fruits from the Speyside MAlts and rich,dried fruit drom the oak sherry casks. Its smoky finish is a sophiscated as the JW Black Label blend is unique. Enjoy it on the rocks,with a dash of still or sparkling water,with ginger ale as a long drink. Flavourite in all occasions!

JW Double Black is full bodied and complex with the signature JW peat smoke shining brightly through rich raisins and sultanas. Apples,pears and orange zest brings freshness while creamy vanilla and spice bring a softness and sweetness to the tongue. The long warming finish combines spicy oak tannins and lingering smoke. It is best taken with water as this is the perfect way to release its smoky flavours. Good companion when you want to impress!


Back to the demonstration session, Chef Nigel Richter came up with his three pairings. Tiger Prawn Tempura and Dungeness Crab Maki ,  first dish of the day!

A10 Umami rich foods, seaweeds, sesame seend, sake, and soy sauce added for better taste .

 Paired with JW Black Label.


Secondly, Spiced Oxtail Cappucino.

Chef's flavour for this is to add on some braised meat, shitake mushrooms, cinnamon, cloves, roasted Fenugreek seeds and not to forget , pair it with the JW Gold Label Reserve!


 Lastly , the dessert of the day, Smoked Cheese Cake.


Fresh with berries and  the white chocolate malt crunch, Chef Nigel added some hazelnut,malt,butter,brown sugar,honey,smoke and vanilla to spice up the decadent dessert for us. My choice of the day! I am just in love with the pairing! JW Double Black pairs well  and making it the ideal counterpart to a luscious smoked cheese cake!

I enjoyed my date with JW and of course someone is gonna be amaze by the pairing skills that i've learnt! ;)


Johnny Walker 

Cheers! ;)

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