Monday, May 4, 2015

Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai 2015

I am back from ChiangMai!!

This trip was totally ALLSOME! First trip that i departed with a backpack and back to Malaysia EMPTY HANDED *long story*

We only spent about MYR 1.5k per person for the whole trip and it could be lesser! We had all the good foods, good accommodations, good transportation and good experiences!

 I will include everything here and also list down some tips for those who is planning for Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai trip here ;)

We took a morning flight. It was a 2.5 hrs journey from KLIA 2 to the Chiang Mai airport. It's just good enough to recharge the energy and spirit for the first day in CM.

We arrived the airport and had warm greetings from the staff. Walked out from the airport from gate 8 and we saw a lot taxi-meter. However, taxi-meter here don't seem like a real metered taxi as they don't use the meter for far as i experienced. A man walked to us and offer a ride for 200 baht. From the map i searched earlier, the hotel that we booked is just approximately 4 km from airport, so we offered him a 100 baht and that made the deal. A 100 baht here worth a lot to us as he explained everything about CM in detailed , where to go, what to eat, and even bring us to get our SIM cards done! He suggested us to take the AIS card and reload for the internet data and it only costed 150 baht to get the unlimited data for 7 days! Here, i must say that their telco is far more better than ours as they really have the good speed and the coverage is almost everywhere. We managed to deal at 600 baht /day with Benz (our taxi driver) for the following days.

First day checked in  - B2 Thippanate 
Add: 67/6 Thippanate Road, Haiya, Muang, Wua Lai, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000


B2 Thippanate is a popular pick for both business and leisure travelers. The hotel lies 7.0 km from the city center and provides accessibility to important town facilities. It is quite near to the airport , so for those who arrived in the wee hour, i think this is quite a good choice for you. Of course, do remark on your reservation that you will be arrived around that time when you make the reservation online. I booked through and it is only about MYR 60/night (included tax).


Its interior looks more like a serviced apartment to me , simple yet nice. They  provides Wi-Fi at both public area and in rooms.


The room is big and clean. No noise pollution at all since it is located inside a residence area.


In this trip, i learnt that no toothpaste and toothbrush provided in every hotel that we checked in. Be sure to prepare yourself for that.


To get out from this to the nearby attractions and markets, you can either rent a bike or a scooter from the hotel, or you can just walk. It is just about a 10 minutes walking distance to Chiang Mai Gate where you can enjoy the local street food there. If you are there on Saturday, you can even go to the Wualai Road Saturday Market.


Let's explore this beautiful city!

-To Be Continue

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