Monday, June 3, 2013

Luxeswinger, your next fashion stop!~*

LuxeSwinger - Malaysia’s most trusted premium online fashion destination offering their customers, members and affiliate partners the largest and most diverse selection of fashionable products and services on the Internet.


From iconic luxury brand names, to niche interest products, to their own in-house collection, there is definitely something for everyone at Here, they set out to do something different, building a high-end experience that provides just the right something for everyone. So whether you need to rent or buy something for a special night or for a special someone, they're there for you!

From work till event , from event till party, i always hunger for a nice piece of outfit, hoping not to repeat the same piece as the last event. Honestly, finding a cheap nice dress is so easy like ABC nowadays, just drive up to the KL malls or ordering online will just fullfill your wish. But, never expect the same perfect dress after you wash them, most of them will either give you a total different size and colour after the first wash.

I ask for quality in resonable price. LuxeSwinger is one of them which actually fullfill my fashion desire. Last weekend, i had been tagged along with my sweetie to the Publika branch, i was amazed with the clothing and accessories selling there, from casual to formal , from classic to romantic , they have them all there.

Alright!! Let's flash back to what was happening on the last weekend!

There were 12 pretty bloggers  and i was so lucky to be one of them *blush* to have the honour to be invited for the fashion photoshoot!


Everything had been prepared for the 12 of us, and all we have to do is just to dress up ourselves and be pretty XD ! Not to forget our gorgeous Ms Diana. She's the one who mix and match the accessories for us !


Backstage academy is the official make up sponsor for this photoshoot. Having them to help us beautify our littlt face, no doubt , you will see the WOW effect later ;)

Well, I have a strong bond with long dress expecially the one which give me a comfortable fitted feeling. While checking out the clothing here, i found a turquoise colour cocktail dress !

Opps haha yeaa everything goes after a snapshot ! That's who we are ;)!


Back to hair styling again... XD


NOW , i am gonna show you how my dress look like !! =D


It was absolutely my symbol of elegance! The synthetic stones beaded fabric of my dress glinted, light reflecting from the light box glow!

This dress fit me flawlessly, the dress molded my torso beautifully and in the meant time complimenting my feminine shape ;)  It’s strapless at one side which totally revealed my precious sexy collarbones wrapped in smooth, luring, skin. It's so soft and flowy , imagine walking down the red carpet with this dress it totally another big credit to our appearance!!!


I bet you feel how soft it is by just looking at my photos!


I'm just never get enough of this dress!!!!! Seriously... I love it so much!!!

Dearies, show me your little support !!

We, the 12 bloggers are gonna to have a catwalk show with all these LuxeSwinger's dresses in Publika this coming Saturday!!

You might be thinking where to go a second ago... BUT NOW  i ask you not to miss this precious chance , not just seeing the 12 preeties XD but also all the gorgeous dresses which might be your dream dress for your prom or dinner !!! =D


I don't know how cool we walk on stage but i am sure we will rock the stage with all these dresses!!! Block your date and i will see you there!!

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Photos credited to Peoplegraphy!!


CallieKaylee said...

Hi Coco! Do you mind revealing the price of this dress? I'm in love with it and currently rushing to look for a classy dress for my prom. Hopefully not too pricey :)


Jc0co said...

Hi dear! I am renting it out at RM 150 ,let me know if you're interested ;) hugs!