Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brown is just so ME!~*

I just did my lash extension yesterday. One thing that i remembered from what my friend a.k.a my beautician told me , he said : ' Babe , you like Brown so much, aren't you? From so many times seeing you carry different handbags , you never have other color than brown! and oh.. i like your watch too! and it's Brown!!! '

Well, it's soo true that most of my a ccessories are in brown color. Probably brown suits me the most and especially it match my skin color so well xD...

There's a says on colors. People tends to relate colors with our personalities and amazingly sometimes you just can't deny how true they are...

Since i am in my brown fever , let's check out what they says about this color!

  • Having a personality color brown means you are honest, down-to-earth and wholesome, salt  of the earth people with both feet planted firmly on the ground.
  • You are steady and reliable and quietly confident.
  • You are friendly and approachable, genuine and sincere.
  • With a personality color brown you have a keen sense of duty and responsibility - you take your obligations very seriously.
  • You are a home body - family and family life is extremely important to you.
  • You like physical comfort, simplicity and quality.
  • You are a loyal and trustworthy friend, supportive and dependable.
  • You are sensitive to the needs of others and sensitive to criticism by others.
  • You are sensual, warm and supportive.
  • Others are comfortable in your presence and find it easy to open up to and confide in you.
  • You are hard-working, industrious and reliable.
  • You take life seriously but have a subtle dry sense of humor.
  • You like a structured life with everything in its place, although you are not a perfectionist by any means.
  • You are materialistic, appreciating quality in everything - a comfortable home, the best food and drink and loyal companionship.
  • You may suppress your emotions at times, retreating from the outside world.
  • You tend not to be carefree and spontaneous. You prefer to know exactly what is going on before you commit - no surprise parties for you!
  • You feel uncomfortable about losing control but will work hard to change a situation that seems unjust or unfair.
  • You have a strong need for security and a sense of belonging, which is why your family is so important to you.
  • You often see life as a struggle believing that life wasn't meant to be easy.
  • You can be quite contemplative, working out problems and becoming quite absorbed until you find a solution.
  • Others are drawn to you when they need comfort and support - you have a warm and encouraging manner that gives reassurance to others.
  • You do everything in moderation and with restraint - no over-indulging for you.
  • You tend to be quite frugal - you don't like to waste money or time on unnecessary frivolities or extravagances, but when you do spend, it is on quality.
  • You prefer to stay in your own safe little world - you don't like your little world to be upset by anything.

  • You are steady and reliable and quietly confident. •You are friendly and approachable, genuine and sincere. •With a personality color brown you have a keen sense of duty and responsibility - you take your obligations very seriously.

    I'm not sure if brown is your color.

    But after reading these points, i think i am gonna even more deeply in love with Brown, somehow Brown is just soo ME ! =D

    OH YEAH! It's just so coincident, i remembered i was wearing a pair of super elegant brown kebaya while i am in my run of the Miss Kebaya Penang , and i walked away the glory with this brown kebaya too!!!


    Seriously, i guess brown is not just my favourite color but also my lucky color too!!

    Now, i am so tempted to change my current galaxy note ii to the Amber Brown Galaxy Note ii !


    Check out the video here : ://

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