Saturday, October 20, 2012

Keep Slim~*


今天很荣幸地被邀请为Keep Slim 做宣传和一些分享,也很高兴可以见到漂亮可爱的师弟师妹们,还有一些还瞒要好的朋友们。。更少不了香港巨星周秀娜!


可惜的。。也只不过是一些'大人物' 的无知而已。。。 算了吧。。。;)

Good night dearies!


Yishen said...

Hi there Coco, I have just seen one of ur blog post about the birthday party at octavia kl, I'm interested to celebrate my birthday there but how to reach them? Their number is no longer exist ? Can u do me a favor? Appreciate :) Shen here

c0co said...

Hi Shen, sry that octavia is no longer available since 2 months ago , they no longer into the service aprtment but convert to permanent stay d o :(