Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HP Hit Print in UCSI~*

In my previous post , i had introduced to you all about the HP Hit Print , have you guys check it out during the roadshows? ^-^


UCSI is one of the stop by station for HP Hit Print on 25 july !


HP Photo Contest had brought quite lot of prizes and surprises for the UCSIans.


The UCSIans were so excited to check out this great promotion on that day ...

I was about to buy the HP Hit Print back as i need it for my schoolworks and it's super duper cheap  !!!*-*


The HP photo contest is the spotlight of the day. All you need to do is just pose in front of the poster and snap a photo, then you get the chance of winning the HP Hit Print !!!!

Here's our lucky winner of the day!


A big congratz on the winning !!=D

Once again, check out the HP page in facebook for more info!! C ya~*^-^n

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