Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Pet Tag ~*


 The Pretzer.

He just wanted to be appear as header for every single post that's related to him ;)


 Happy Pet Tag - Every single happy pet deserves a happy tag !

Number of pets lost in every hour is a crazy huge amount that make you feel like lock up your pet and only free them when you have your eyes on them.

I had a sad story.. and i really miss him alot...

I pet Igloo for just 2 weeks since i bought him. The cute little one left me and never come back again...


I forgot to close the side glass door and i only realized that when i found Igloo was gone forever when i was back.

I cried and cried. It's just a small mistake but it took away my Igloo forever.

If only i am aware with the existance of Pet Tag that time, Igloo might still with me right now and sleeping inside the big aquarium which i specially made for him.

I am really regret for what i have done, but no matter what, Igloo may just left me forever.

Since then , it took me sometime before adopting my Pretzel.

First thing on my mind, i can never let my cute little love one leave me for no reason again.

A big big thanks to Happy Pet Tag !

Pretzed got himself a super cool captain america pet tag with a contact number on it.

*Touch Wood*  If he ever get sesat at somewhere, i will at least have a chance to find him back.



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Happy Pet Tag acrylic samples board

*Happy Pet Tag acrylic samples board *

Happy Pet Tag has varies types of tags for your little one. You can head on to the pet outlets HERE to choose some cool tags for your lovely pets.

Engrave your moment with your pets onto the pet tags, let your little one save a great memory !


Pretzel's cute potrait!


Pretzel looks really cute with his captain america tag !!

He was so proud to have that tag when he play around with other dogs in the house XD..





Pretzel's Pet tag : Happy Pet Tag 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HappyPetTag 

Website: http://www.happypettag.com/

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eddy leong said...

This cat had done tonnes of good deeds in its previous life to have such a great owner like u~~ btw he looks gorgeous~~ happy pet happy cat