Monday, April 2, 2012

Eat eat eat xD~*

Instead of stoning in the room , doing nothing than just staring at the labtop screen...

i went to Mid Valley for dinner XD~!~!

The very first thing popped in my mind for my dinner is the Chillis Chicken Salad with those almond flakes and oranges...

But when i stood in front of Chillis , the long Q ady made me don't feel like eating it anymore ... so i just went to the Homemade Noodle Shop which i used to go... =D

Dang Dang Dang Dang...

The fried dolly fish yee mee!!!!


The pig king buddy was somewhere around in the mall too with his 'friends' hehe xD...

Due to the loneliness while having the dinner , i got a lot of weird stares from the people in the shop...

because of my fav apps -Talkbox!!! xD...

I kept laughing and talking to my friends in Talkbox... but people around thought that i was talking and laughing to myself.....=.='''

After the pig king Arash finished his movie , and the arrival of the two super buddy...

We went to Chillis !!! weeeee=D!!! Dream comes true!!!


The Pig King try so hard to push his 'so called muscle' .... LOL!!!!!


Our fav chill out snack!!! Tostada Chips!!!!


OH YEA!!!! i just realized that we can actually order broccoli and the super nice mash potato seperately without ordering the main course !!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!*-*

Guess i will visit Chillis more often for the broccoli and my all time fav salad XD...

The broccoli only RM5 per plate oni leh!!!!! XD


Oh yeah?! my signature poses ;D~~



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