Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Mont Blanc had presented their new men's fragrance, Mont Blanc Legend in Pavillion, KL last week.


Legend is dedicated to inspiring, virtuous and self-confident men who are courageous, passionate and authentic. Their fragrance is subtle but striking and masculine.In my opinion, men who use Legend will definitely drive me crazy!!! They will just bring out their maturity,stability and sexy~~~I *winks*

Legend was developed by the perfumer Olivier Pescheux , the notes for the fresh fougère include lavender, bergamot, pineapple leaves, litsea cubeba, coumarin, geranium, apple, rose, Pomarose (a dried fruit note “reminiscent of rose and apple pie”), tonka bean, evernyl (mossy note) and sandalwood.

Montblanc Legend is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette!Check them out  in any Mont Blanc outlets now!!=D


Never forget our man icon , Alan Yun and Issac loves Mont Blanc Legend too!!!



Uh Ha !!! is this the secret that keep them attractive as always?? XD


How do you regconize your man , or your male friends?? By their smell? I do!

To be honest , if a man smell stink or 'weird' , i will seriously keep a distance away from and him and probably will never ever want to get any closer to him anymore  =x  ~ xD ~

So, Guys!!! Time to find out the sexy scent brought by the Legend of Mont Blanc !!!

A good perfume will always your guide to a better life!!! 


with Luv ~*

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