Sunday, April 3, 2011

Libresse , Your Way to a New Life~*

You always be the most intimate with me....

Without you , just like running around naked...

Without you , i will never be as cheerful as who i am now....

i heart u , Libresse~~ (*-*)

Libresse is the latest women's needs in Malaysia now, and even well known in the world !

I had tried them out recently when i got the goodie bag from Libresse not long ago when i night market'ng... XD

Libresse is the brand that offers Secure Fit and Deep Flow Chanel and this is what i can say...‘Absorption is Nothing without Fit’ !!=D



What's Libresse ?

Check them out now

Girls , still wondering which type suit you the most??


you can also find your fit in their website =D especially for those who are quite shy on choosing pad in front of the public..Now... SHY NO MORE !=D

AND AND~~~ if you're still worrying about how it actually feel like and how good is the material , get one for FREE and try it NOW ! I'm sure you'll like it!!!



Just fill up all the requested details and Libresse just not far from you *winks* ~


Libresse amazed me when i browsed through they webpage!!!


Go and try out IT's A MUST!!!!

Coz there are some user interaction involved when you're watching Libresse 's TVC !!!


There're 4 celebrities to choose from 3 languages... Choose yours and enjoy it !

and REMEMBER finish every step they required...

else... you will not experience the difference!! xD...


REMEMBER NORHX!!!! Just give your cell phone number ACCURATELY then you will get the supprise! XD

*i myself played quite a number of times too xD *

Personally ,

I favour Libresse pantyliner the most!! They 're super thin and i guess Libresse owned the thinnest pantyliner yet sooo comfortable to be use! (^-^)b


Their packaging are simple and nice too !


Never Try ? Never Know! So... TRY IT !


with Luv ~ =D

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melmonica said...

Haha. I purposely try all too just to watch the ending. So damn cool!