Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lucky 55...~*

I HAD LOST 5.5 KGsss!!!! *jumping around crazily*

I belongs to the 'easy grow wide ' type X_X...

Thus, my tips to lose weight is the biggest enemy to my dearie tummy...

-Eat Moderately , Eat Healthily , Exercises !

For those who had make up ur mind and have the determination for your very own diet plan...


Always bear in mind that NEVER give any excuse to yourself against those devil tempting delicacies!!!

Case 1: 'Aiya... tomorow la... tomorow i will SERIOUSLY start my diet plan liao....'

Q: HEM~~ May i ask how SERIOUS is your' SERIOUS 'for the plan ??

You had been defeated by the delicacies for this time..

Are you sure that tomorow you will not giving the same excuse again when a big plates of succulent grilled steak serve to you?

Case 2: 'yorrrr...nevermind la... now i eat ...later i don't eat lo.... '

Q: yea!now you eat , later you don't eat sounds like you still stick to your plan ...

But, this is not a proper way for a healthy diet. It might even give you an opposite result... You might gain weight in that way...

We must eat on time ***

When you feel hungry , just grab something light and nutritius to eat ... (fruits , vege , few low fat crackers etc.. ) ^-^

Don't let your stomach starving for foods... cause this will only make your stomach to absorbed more from the foods during your next meal.


Do Not surrender to the foods but let them to do so!!! =D

To those who wan to diet: Be decipline !!! All The Best !!! =D



Masako 芊瑜 said...

Congrats.. so fast u dropped to ur ideal liao... sob sob.. me need another 6 more to go ..

Jia Jun said...

Haha, you draw that pic? XD
Funny look. :p
And congrat with your weight lost~ Gambate ^^

c0co said...

masako:can one jia you !!!=D
jiajun:haha yea XD thanks a lot=D

Roxy zai said...

winks..lost 6kg!yeay! happily dear^_^